The Gospel Coalition Panel: Getting to Know the Bible Personally as One Grand Narrative

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At The Gospel Coalition national conference in Chicago, IL, BibleMesh held three panel discussions and above is the second of the three, held on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 12:30pm. The discussion, entitled “Getting to Know the Bible Personally as One Grand Narrative,” was led by Michael McClenahan of BibleMesh.  We had three world-class expositors weigh in on the topic: Kent Hughes, David Jackman, and Ligon Duncan.
The discussion began on how each of the participants personally came to clear convictions about the story of the Bible being about the great salvation of Jesus Christ. It was an edifying discussion of God’s ordinary means of faithful preaching and Bible teaching in the life of the church. But then, recognizing that many Christians don’t recognize the Bible as one story about Christ and his gospel, the discussion turned to the weaknesses in evangelical spirituality that causes neglect of this issue. Other interesting points in the discussion were how a Christ-centered reading of the Scriptures nourishes our soul and how our moral life shapes our reading of the Old Testament.
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8 thoughts on “The Gospel Coalition Panel: Getting to Know the Bible Personally as One Grand Narrative”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this panel.
    “Our love for Christ and our appreciation of Him, our desire to exalt Him, depends upon the drip-feed of all sorts of different parts of the Bible into our lives.” – David Jackman

  2. Great panel discussion – I loved Ligon’s reference to Packer on preaching: the sermon is ‘an applicatory declaration, spoken in God’s name and for his praise, in which some part of the written Word of God delivers through the preacher some part of its message about God and godliness in relation to those whom the preacher addresses’.

  3. Hi all–thank you for your kind words. We at BibleMesh were blessed to get such speakers.

  4. incrediable ! Ligon closing coment on GOD being the same GOD of justice and punishment as in the Old Testiment as in the New T by Holy JEUS being being a example and killed –does not even compare to the punishments and killings of justice on mere human sinners. Is GOD and JESUS different and more tolerant of injustice in the New Testiment ?–No way  HE carried justice out on HIS perfect SON -this is GODS wrath at its highest in a wonderful trade off for are evil sin. GOD is unshifting and does not change in HIS word.

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