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02:28 – Is there a teacher?

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How do I begin my studies with the BibleMesh Institute? 
First, you need to apply by going here. We will then contact you to assist you in selecting the certificate program that best fits your situation. Upon your enrollment in the BibleMesh Institute, we will assign you a qualified academic tutor who will guide you through each course of study.

Can I speak to someone for advice? 
Yes! Please contact us here.

What is the cost? 
Students enroll in the BibleMesh Institute on a subscription basis. The monthly cost for each BibleMesh Institute course is $250 per month. The length of time to complete a course varies depending on each student’s situation, but averages 3 months for dedicated students.

Is there a teacher – or do I study these online courses by myself? 
To provide the highest quality online learning experience and to meet academic standards, the BibleMesh Institute assigns each student an academic tutor for each course. All of our proctors (academic tutors) are highly qualified in their subject field.

Can I go at my own pace? 
Yes. Each course is provided with month-to-month access to better fit your situation. You may work through and complete a course as your schedule allows, while your academic tutor guides you to ensure competency and mastery of the content. You may take as much time as you wish to complete an individual course or a certificate program.

Can I skip certain courses or pause in my coursework? 
In order to complete a certificate program, students must complete every course within that program. Some certificates, like the Biblical Languages certificate, do require courses to be completed in a specific sequence. If you need to pause your studies, you can; your progress and grades will not be lost. You can simply renew your monthly course subscription and resume from where you left off.

Can anyone receive a certificate from the BibleMesh Institute? 
Yes. Anyone who enrolls as a BibleMesh Institute student and successfully completes required, proctored coursework can earn a certificate.

How do I receive a certificate? 
Upon finishing all the courses in a certificate program, you may apply for and receive a certificate.

Are scholarships available? 
Occasionally there are scholarships made available through partnering institutions and friends of BibleMesh.

Are BibleMesh Institute certificates recognized for credit by colleges and seminaries? 
Yes. Several partnering colleges and seminaries provide academic pathways using courses and programs offered through the Institute.

Credit-bearing courses provided through the BibleMesh Institute are built to accreditation standards. If you would like us to talk with your school about the possibility of accepting transfer credits for BibleMesh Institute courses or programs, please contact us.