A Great Commission Partnership

Bible and theology training that serves the mission.

Are the cost and rigid model of traditional theological training degrees
right for your appointees?

Appointees will have varied backgrounds and different biblical and theological competencies.

With language and culture learning it’s hard to find time for full-time Bible training.

Cross-cultural mission is sacrificial and requires significant support and funding.

Aligned to your mission.


Assess your appointees for biblical understanding, theological competency and worldview perspectives.


Deliver certified biblical training, with appointees studying online courses mentored by devoted tutors. Give them a trusted foundation of biblical understanding that deepens their faith.


Send appointees into the field enabled to impart orthodox faith to new communities. They’ll be equipped for lifelong learning, and connected to the Great Tradition.

Offer a flexible and affordable biblical training solution that gives
you the assurance of a solid foundation for cross-cultural missions.

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Identify competency and gaps for bible, theology and worldview.


Course training tracks and resources aligned to your mission needs.


Appointees study trusted online courses mentored by academic tutors.

Certify & Go

In love for God and Neighbor equipped to make Him known.

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