BibleMesh Table Talk - What's the point of academic conferences

What’s the Point of Academic Conferences?

The BibleMesh team often attends academic conferences, like we did in the recorded video below. But what is the point of such conferences, and how do we remain focused on forming students in the “Three Greats” when such conferences often seem disconnected or unhelpful for personal faith and serving God’s mission in the world?   https://youtu.be/kgJoKc6c8jw …

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Strange New World Book Club

Strange New World Book Club

Sign up now for an 8-session weekly book club working through Carl Trueman’s Strange New World. For $49.99, you get the digital book together with chapter videos and audio narration from the author. Dr. Dennis Greeson will add additional commentary for each chapter and lead a weekly 1-hour Zoom session to discuss the big ideas and …

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Research Fellowship - Philosophy & Apologetics

What is Apologetics?

The term apologetics is often heard in Christian circles, but what does it really mean? We can gain a clearer sense of what an apologetic should entail by first looking at the biblical context giving rise to the concept. After this we will be able to outline some defining characteristics of how we defend our faith.

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