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Death in the City

More than seventy killings took place in London in the first quarter of 2018.1 A surgeon in a London hospital reports that the number of children and young people being brought in with knife injuries is at an all-time high.2 This great city, blessed in the past by some of the greatest gospel preachers in church history, …

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The Benediction of God

There are two kinds of people: those who stay for the movie credits and those who leave the theater early to avoid traffic. It’s no wonder in a culture where many churches strive to entertain that those in the pew treat worship as similar to a theater show, leaving when it’s convenient—when the “good part” …

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How the Bible Shaped Manners

In 1922, Emily Post became a household name when her book, Etiquette, In Society, In Business, In Politics, and At Home, soared to the top of America’s bestseller list. Over the years, the work remained popular as her descendants updated it to fit changing times and social customs. Yet notably, some of the work’s foundational …

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Sent Out as Sheep Among Wolves – The Call of Jesus to His Church

Meeting Mez McConnell is a bit like encountering a Buzzsaw. He moves quickly past the pleasantries and wants to know the story of how someone arrived where they did and what they are doing with their life. He doesn’t like small talk. Rather, he jumps into deep conversations with both feet and moves forward in …

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