Some Further Thoughts on Transhumanism

On October 4, 2019, as part of our ongoing BibleMesh Conversations event series, Dr. Benjamin Quinn interviewed Dr. Jacob Shatzer over his recent book Transhumanism and the Image of God. You can find a recording of the event here (for audio only, click here). In the conversation, we discussed the fact that technology is no …

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Idolatry: Not Thinking Rightly about God—A. W. Tozer (1897-1963)

A. W. Tozer served thirty-one years as the pastor of Chicago’s Southside Gospel Tabernacle (1928-1959), edited a Christian magazine, and was a prolific writer. Discerning the lack of true spiritual vitality within the Church of his day, Tozer dedicated his life’s work to calling the Church back to a radical obedience to Christ. Termed by …

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The Trauma of Holiness

As we read the works of nineteenth-century atheists, we find that they were not particularly concerned to prove that God does not exist. These atheists tacitly assumed God’s nonexistence. Instead, they said that after the Enlightenment, now that we know there is no God, how can we account for the almost universal presence of religion? …

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The Holy Spirit

Many people come to faith in Jesus Christ long before they are able to articulate the theology of regeneration and conversion. Slowly, we realize that what seemed a “simple” act—trusting in Christ—was in fact a complex experience of divine activity. The Holy Spirit needed to be secretly active, since “no one can say ‘Jesus is …

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Death Becomes Us

During my years of study in seminary, I worked at a funeral home. It was the best laboratory in which to learn the Bible and theology. Frequently, I saw dead bodies and attended funerals as I helped direct the families and friends of person after person to a hole in the ground where a once …

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