MA in Theology Graduate Joanna McFarland

Meet an MA in Theology Graduate: Joanna McFarland

The following is adapted from a recorded interview between Dr. Dennis Greeson, Dean of the BibleMesh Institute and Programme Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Theology programme, and Joanna McFarland, a recent graduate of the programme.

Westminstr Assembly - What is the Reformed Tradition?

What Is the Reformed Tradition?

The following article is an adaptation of a BibleMesh Institute webinar discussion with guest speaker Dr. Martyn Cowan, Vice Principal and Lecturer in Historical Theology at Union Theological College.    Christians around the world commemorate October 31st as Reformation Day, when we remember Martin Luther nailing his ninety-five theses to the Wittenburg church door and …

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STUDENT POST: The Trinity in Scripture

Editor’s note: This post is part of a series featuring outstanding excerpts from student papers at the BibleMesh Institute, which offers affordable online training for local churches, schools, and ministries. The author’s name has been withheld for privacy and security purposes. She serves as a missionary in Southeast Asia. Even though the Bible never uses …

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How to Spot New Ideas in Theology—And Why it Matters

We should be alert to both the importance of fresh theological work and its danger. There is no doubt that new insights through history have taken the church into a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, often in the context of defending the truth against error. And yet much novelty has itself been error, and even …

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God, Freedom, and Self-Definition

Reflecting on God’s providence, John Webster writes: ‘God’s governance secures the creature’s freedom. If this fails to commend itself, it is because it contravenes a destructive convention according to which true freedom is indeterminacy and absolute spontaneity or it is nothing at all. To say that is to deny creatureliness. Freedom is existence in accordance …

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Missionary to the Cannibals—James Chalmers (1841 – 1901)

Little did James Chalmers and his missionary colleague Oliver Tomkins know, as they waded ashore at Risk Point on Goaribari Island, New Guinea, that they were walking toward their deaths. It was Easter Sunday, April 8, 1901, and the villagers rejoiced at their arrival, inviting them into the newly constructed dubu (a communal house for …

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