Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Wednesday, Oct. 18

Egypt: 7 Dead as ISIS Radicals Attack Church, Bank (Christian Post)

Hungary Hosts First Ever Government Conference for Persecuted Christians (AINA)

Good Without God? More Americans Say Amen to That (Religion News)

How Our Smartphones Stop Us from Living in the Moment (Aeon)

3 Ways Pastors and Church Leaders Undermine Themselves on Social Media (The Exchange)

What Are the Best Reformation Biographies? (Desiring God)

Where Does Ultimate Authority Lie? (Ligonier)

The Reformation Is Not Just a White Man’s Legacy (The Gospel Coalition)

Is There Any Spiritual Value in Our Work? (Between the Times)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Tuesday, Oct. 17

Apple Removes Pro-Life Prayer App (World)

Toronto School District to Remove ‘Chief’ from Job Titles because It’s a Microaggression (National Review)

The Evangelical Case for Wealth Creation (Christianity Today)

Take Up Your Cross, Put Down Your Phone, and Follow Me: 5 Tips to Follow Jesus in a Hyper-Distracted World (Southern Equip)

On the Need to Be Prophetically Irenic (Timothy Tennent)

California Becomes First State to Legally Recognize a “Third Gender” (The Stream)

How to Talk To Your Kids About Human Dignity (Challies)

God Made Our Brains to Need Others: Both Science and Scripture Invite Us to Share Our Suffering (Christianity Today)

5 Myths About Martin Luther (Crossway)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Monday, Oct. 16

France: Europe’s Largest Mosque to Be Renovated in Ottoman Style (The Daily Sabah)

UK: Islamic School’s Gender Segregation Is Unlawful, Court of Appeal Rules (The Guardian)

German Minister Suggests Recognizing Muslim Holidays (Anadolu Agency)

Editorial: Inside the Sprawling, Controversial $500m Museum of the Bible (The Guardian)

ACLU Defends Gay Couple Refused Cake; Silent on Pro-Lifers Kicked Out of Coffee Shop (The Stream)

An Absurd Fate: What Happens to Abandoned Embryos? (Public Discourse)

4 Lessons for Christians from the Harvey Weinstein Scandal (The Gospel Coalition)

Should Teens Own Smartphones? (Desiring God)

‘There is No Science’: 3 Doctors Discuss Dangers for Trans-Identified Kids (The Stream)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Saturday, Oct. 14

Christian Persecution Reaches Historic Levels (Church in Need)

Turkey: 139K Books Removed from 1,142 Public Libraries Since Failed Coup: Ministry (Asia News)

UK: Extremely Selective Free Speech (The Gatestone Institute)

The Reforming Catholic Confession that Celebrates the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (The Exchange)

How to Wage Peace in the Comment Section: Three Things You Should Start (and Stop) Doing (Preemptive Love Coalition)

Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles? (Veritas Forum)

4 Lessons for Christians from the Harvey Weinstein Scandal (The Gospel Coalition)

How to Train Your Dragons: Killing Pet Sins Before They Kill You (Desiring God)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, Oct. 13

Police in Pakistan Beat Christian Boy to Death, Father Says (Morning Star News)

Malaysia: Malay Rulers Condemn Intolerance in the Name of Islam (Asia News)

Muslims, Orthodox, Pentecostals and “Nones” Growing in Ireland; Catholics Declining (The Belfast Telegraph)

Reference to Allah Found on Viking Burial Clothes (The Local)

Bible Interpretation: 4 Challenges and How to Overcome Them (Zondervan Academic)

Explainer: Why Clergy Get Tax-Free Housing (ERLC)

Welcome Everyone, Affirm No One (Trevin Wax)

From Luther to Merkel: Germany’s Long-abandoned Reformational Past Could Offer Hope for Its Future (World Magazine)

The Christian’s Duty to Hold Firm (Ligonier)

What Did the Reformers Think of the Church Fathers? (Crossway)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, Oct. 12

October 12, 1917 Was “New Zealand’s Darkest Day”: Lost Nearly 1,000 Lives at Disastrous Passchendaele (NZ Herald)

Vietnam and Laos Compare Notes on Management of Nations’ Religious Affairs (Nhan Dan)

Woman Tells How Giving Up Alcohol Made Her a Better Parent (Essential Kids)

Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls, Allow Them to Earn Eagle Scout Rank (NBC News)

Book Review of “Single Gay Christian” (Denny Burk)

Church Should Lead Way on Civility, Gov. Haslam Says (ERLC)

8 Questions to Help You Understand and Apply the Bible (The Gospel Coalition)

Study: Anti-Christian Bias Hasn’t Grown. It’s Just Gotten Richer (Christianity Today)

The Transgender Matrix: It’s Time to Choose the Red Pill (Public Discourse)

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