Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Saturday, Dec. 16

German Churches Warn of Increasing Oppression of Christians Worldwide (Deutsche Welle)

Indonesian Pastor Faces Blasphemy Charge Over Remarks about the Quran (Christian Times)

Criticism after Danish School Cancels Christmas to Avoid ‘Preaching’ to non-Christian Children (RT)

Sudanese Court Upholds Eviction of Pastors as Government Steps up Campaign to Take over Church Properties (Christian Times)

How Can Christians Be Both Prophetic and Wise in the Workplace? (The Gospel Coalition)

Is Justification Merely a Theological Abstraction? (Crossway)

Is the “Trinity” in the Bible? (Zondervan Academic)

Leave Your Secret Sin Behind Today (Desiring God)

Unapologetic Study Bible Review (Bible Buying Guide)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, Dec. 15

Nazareth’s Muslim Mayor Cancels Christmas (Jewish Press)

How This Iraqi Relief Organization Is Helping Christian Families in the Middle East (CBN News)

Is Your Pastor Shaped More by a Tablet or a Table? (Missio Alliance)

R.C. Sproul (1939–2017) (The Gospel Coalition)

What Does the Old Testament Say about the Trinity? (Zondervan Academic)

5 Things Your Kids Need to Know About Death (Southern Equip)

Loss and the Christian Virtue of Hope (Comment Magazine)

Is Your Church Prepared to Handle a Challenge to its Religious Liberty? (ERLC)

How Singleness Uniquely Reflects the Gospel (The Gospel Coalition)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, Dec. 14

Theresa May Under Pressure as MPs Back Petition Urging Protection for Christians in Middle East (Christian Post)

Debate in Australia on Religious Freedoms after Historic Vote to Legalise Same-Sex “Marriage” (Straits Times)

Christian City in the Philippines Opens its Door and Heart to Muslim Refugees (CBN News)

ISIS Calls on Egyptian Muslims to Kill Their Christians Neighbors This Christmas (AINA)

The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election: It’s Not Republicans or Democrats, but Christian Witness (Christianity Today)

Basic Bioethics: What Christians Should Know about Embryo Destructive Research (ERLC)

The Truth about Men, Women, and Sex (Public Discourse)

Do Old Testament Commands Apply Today? (Southern Equip)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Wednesday, Dec. 13

Abortion-“Clinic” Chain, Performing Half of the Netherlands’ Abortions, Goes Bankrupt; Leaves Amsterdam and the Hague without “Service” (Dutch News)

Australia Makes It Harder for Its 20,000 Registered Sex Offenders to Travel Overseas, Where “Sex Tourism” Is Available (Jakarta Post)

Venezuelan Socialism Bankrupts Nationalized Supermarket Chain (Today Venezuela)

North Korea Defector Describes Gruesome Forced Abortions (The Stream)

A Great Sexual Reckoning (World Magazine)

What Churches Are Singing This Christmas (Thom Rainer)

Pew: Fewer Christians Wish for a ‘Merry Christmas’ This Year (Christianity Today)

Book Recommendations: Most Important Books for Seminary Students and Books that Have Influenced Me Most (Roger Olson)

How Christianity Gave Rise to Modern Science (Crossway)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Tuesday, Dec. 12

Bucking a Trend, These Churches Figured Out How to Bring Millennials Back to Worship (Kansas City Star)

Government Probe Renews Calls to Defund Planned Parenthood (World Magazine)

About That New York Editor Who Would End Lives Like My Children’s (National Review)

Treating College Like Costco (Convivium)

How to Read Jonathan Edwards (Crossway)

Alan Jacobs on How to Think (The Gospel Coalition)

Should We Capitalize Divine Pronouns? (Bill Mounce)

3 Reasons to Not Skip the “Boring” Parts of the Bible (Southern Equip)

5 Most Ridiculous Books to Ever Become Christian Bestsellers (Challies)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Monday, Dec. 11

In Malmo, Sweden, Christian and Muslim Leaders Voice Support for Jewish Community (The Local)

Comedy Becoming a Product/Agent of Muslim Moderation in Saudi Arabia (Hurriyet Daily News)

After Fall of ISIS, Iraq’s Second-Largest City Picks Up the Pieces (AINA)

First U.S. Baby Born from Transplanted Womb – the Success Raises Serious Ethical Concerns (World Magazine)

Top 10 Theology Stories of 2017 (The Gospel Coalition)

Why We Shouldn’t Change the Lord’s Prayer (First Things)

What Does the X in Xmas Mean? (Ligonier)

God is Not Silent: What the Bible Teaches about Sexual Assault (ERLC)

How Not to Share the Gospel at Christmas (Crossway)