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When the Mourning Comes

When a phone rings at 1:30 AM in the morning, the news is seldom good. The voice on the other end of the line spoke in official terms, “Is your brother’s name Michael?” I responded with a sheepish reply that yes, I had a brother by that name. I was informed at that moment his …

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The Trauma of Holiness

As we read the works of nineteenth-century atheists, we find that they were not particularly concerned to prove that God does not exist. These atheists tacitly assumed God’s nonexistence. Instead, they said that after the Enlightenment, now that we know there is no God, how can we account for the almost universal presence of religion? …

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Death Becomes Us

During my years of study in seminary, I worked at a funeral home. It was the best laboratory in which to learn the Bible and theology. Frequently, I saw dead bodies and attended funerals as I helped direct the families and friends of person after person to a hole in the ground where a once …

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Leadership in Christ’s Church

What does leadership look like in Christ’s Church? To begin to answer that question we need to remind ourselves that leadership works at different levels: Christ is the king and head of the Church and his laws expressed in Scripture rule his assembly. The apostles provide the divine revelation on which the Church’s order and …

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