When Was Jesus Born?

Almost universally today, Christians throughout the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. Why do Christians celebrate on this day and is it a good idea to do so? To begin with, nowhere in the Gospels is there any clear indication of the time of year Jesus was born. Perhaps the most …

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Was Jesus Born on December 25?

It has been common since at least the time of the Puritans to claim Christians began celebrating Christ’s birth on December 25 in an effort to change the emphasis of a day associated with a pagan festival—much like some Christians today hold “fall festivals” in lieu of Halloween. American Puritan Increase Mather, for instance, said …

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Who Were the Wise Men?

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the wise men. They show up in nativity scenes, Christmas plays, carols, tree ornaments, and paintings. Because of this abundance of wise men, everyone knows the supposed biblical facts about them: There were three wise men, they rode camels, and they brought their gifts to the baby Jesus as He …

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What Does the Doctrine of the Trinity Have to Do With Christmas?

The doctrine of the Trinity seems to many Christians to be the most obscure and arcane of the Church’s dogmas. In contrast, Christmas is the holiday that more than any other stirs the emotions of followers of Jesus, regardless of denominational affiliation, inspiring them to acts of charity and service to others. What, then, could …

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