Great Tradition

John Owen - Great English Puritan theologian.

New Directions in John Owen Studies

BibleMesh are delighted to be co-sponsors, alongside Crossway, of the International John Owen Convention.

The Convention sets out to think about what we have already achieved in our study of Owen, and what might be the most fruitful new lines of enquiry. Paying attention to Owen’s status in the academy and in the church, it will create opportunities for new thinking about the formation, contextualisation, and reception of Owen’s ideas. Please come and join the conversation.

Christmas & Chalcedon - Theotokos Mary the God-bearer.

Christmas and Chalcedon – Part Two

The words “bearer of God” is the Greek word “theotokos.” It is sometimes translated as “Mother of God.” Protestant evangelicals are skeptical of confessing “Mother of God,” or “theotokos.” But if we rightly understand what the phrase means and why it is important, we should have no problem rejoicing in what Mary is doing as the mother of Jesus. Jesus is the eternal Son of God in the flesh.

Council of Chalcedon

Christmas and Chalcedon – Part One

The Christmas season is when we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the eternal Son of God who came to dwell with us. We sing and celebrate how, through the Holy Spirit, the Divine Son came to reside in the virgin Mary’s womb so that he could be born a baby in the manager. He is truly God with us.

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