Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Tuesday, August 12

Iraq-Mosul-jpgThousands Gather in Stockholm to Protest Treatment of Christians in Iraq (The Local)
#WeAreN campaign Gains Momentum, Brings Attention to Persecuted Christians in Iraq (The Christian Post)
Fleeing from Islamists in Iraq: My Night on the Mountain of Hell with Dying Yazidi Refugees (The Telegraph)
ISIS Systematically Beheading Children and Killing Every Christian They See (The Christian Post)
Is ISIS Beheading Children in Iraq? (The Gospel Coalition)
Atheist Group’s Victory Could Help Churches (Baptist Press)
Catholic League Is OK with ‘Black Jesus’ Character Who Smokes, Drinks (The Washington Times)
“Do I have to Go to Church to Be a Christian?” A Few Rough Thoughts (Derek Rishmawy)
What Were the “High Places”? (Crosswalk)
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