Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, June 14

5 Facts about Fatherhood in The United States for Father’s Day (Acton Institute)
Rand Paul: U.S. Is Funding a “War Against Christianity” (The Washington Post)
Christians Face Being Driven from the Middle East (The Toronto Sun)
Medieval Skeletons Give Clues to Leprosy Origins (BBC)
U.S. Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Cannot Be Patented (The Guardian)
Man Turns “Largest Abortion Facility in Western Michigan” Into Pro-Life Headquarters
(The Washington Times)
Authorities Raid Florida Abortion Center (World Magazine)
Irish Abortion Law Bill Published (The Guardian)
Patriots Owner: I Like Tebow’s Spirituality (News Max)
Matt Chandler on Beating Indifference with Bible Study (Crosswalk)
ARTICLE: Men in Black Robes: Revolutionary Preaching (The Christian Post)
ARTICLE: God Rules the Mundane  (The Gospel Coalition)
QUICK-TAKE VIDEO: Dr. Paul House on “The Ten Commandments” (BibleMesh)

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