Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Monday, July 1

Old Historic ChurchARTICLE: Should Pastors Separate the Christian Wedding Ceremony from the Civil Rite? (The Gospel Coalition)
ARTICLE: D. A. Carson on “Counsel to a Young Church Planter on Marriage” (The Gospel Coalition)
EDITORIAL: Give My Regards to Polygamy (World)

As Conservative Islam Rises in Indonesia, Polygamy Flourishes
(The Irrawaddy Magazine)
Pakistani Girl Accused of Blasphemy Flees to Canada with Family (WorldWatch Monitor)
Reported Beheading of Syrian Priest Boosts Fear for Christians’ Safety (CNS News)
Pope Warns Church Leaders against Seeking Power (Yahoo.com)
Cruz Urges First Baptist Dallas to Defend Christian Principles (The Dallas Morning News)
Former “Jesus Freak” Traces the Evolution of Christian Rock (Religion News)
California Gay Couples Revel in “Marriage” Rights (The Washington Times)
Russia Passes Anti-Gay Law (The Guardian)
A Baby with Three Parents? (Breitbart)
New China Law Says Children ‘Must Visit Elderly Parents’ (BBC)
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