“Stinging” Words—Martin Luther (1483 – 1546)

The year 1517 brought monk Martin Luther out of the shadows and into the courts of both the Pope and Emperor. Boldly challenging the practice of selling indulgences within the Roman Catholic Church, Luther soon learned such preaching was very dangerous. Refusing to be intimidated by those who sought to silence him, Luther continued to preach “stinging” words from …

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BOOK REVIEW: Elizabeth Saintsbury, George MacDonald: A Short Life

Edinburgh: Canongate Publishing, 1987, 152 pgs. Summary: A non-academic biography of the writer George MacDonald (1824-1905). MacDonald was a Scottish fiction writer whose works of Christian fantasy influenced C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton. He appears as the protagonist’s guide to heaven in Lewis’ The Great Divorce. The book traces MacDonald’s major geographic movements from birth to …

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Clear Your Desk!

When a pastor is forced out We tend to think of America as the place of the “hire and fire” culture – sadly we have the same kind of culture in some UK churches. A 2008 US study reckoned that around 23% of pastors have either had their contracts terminated or been forced to resign. …

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