Why Choose BibleMesh Greek?

With the explosion of online education, there are lots of options for anyone who wants to learn the Biblical languages of Greek or Hebrew. Why choose BibleMesh? As an Academic Tutor for the BibleMesh Institute I’m biased, of course. But, as a long-time teacher of Biblical Greek, here are a few reasons why I think BibleMesh Biblical Greek courses are some of the best available today.

Immersion vs. Grammar/Translation?

One of the debates in the world of Biblical Greek education and teaching is whether students should immerse themselves in the language of Koine (Biblical) Greek, or whether they should focus on the grammar and an analytical understanding of this ancient language. BibleMesh Biblical Greek courses take an approach that integrates the insights of both of these approaches.

In BibleMesh Greek courses, students start reading the text of the New Testament from the very beginning. Greek Reading 1 introduces students to John 1 to 3. Greek Reading 2 takes students through Jesus’ amazing Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7) and Greek Reading 3 introduces them to the profundity of the Apostle Paul in the entire letter of 1 Thessalonians.

I’ve taught Biblical Greek for over a decade, and I’ve always struggled with balancing the need for students to understand the grammar and morphological details of Koine Greek with the equally important need for them to enjoy and benefit from actually reading the text of Scripture for themselves. When I found out about BibleMesh, I was thrilled!

BibleMesh Greek courses combine the benefits of both the immersion and grammatical/translation approaches, to deliver a unique language learning experience for every student.

Flying Solo or Part of a Team?

Learning a foreign language is always hard (unless you’re like my friend in college who had a photographic memory!), and online education can be challenging—sometimes lonely. When you take classes through the BibleMesh Institute, you have Tutors (like myself—full disclosure) who will be with you every step of the way. We’re available for phone calls, Skype or Zoom chats, and will answer your questions and help you with any difficult concepts.

We know that most of our students are not pursuing theological education for its own sake—most of our students are either in the ministry or are pursuing some type of calling related to ministry. We get that. All of the Tutors at the BibleMesh Institute have experience in ministry and in academic settings. We understand the tension. We feel it ourselves. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping and equipping others to read and understand the Bible in the original languages. This is one of the most important jobs on earth!

Theological Depth and Linguistic Acumen

In the BibleMesh Greek courses, you’ll be guided by some of the brightest minds in the field of Biblical Greek studies—Randall Buth, Steve Runge, Constantine Campbell, Mark Dubis, and Nicholas Ellis. All of these scholars are equally committed to the truth of the Scriptures, and to pursuing excellence in the field of teaching and understanding Biblical Greek.


You can only learn a foreign language if you commit to regular review and daily practice. All BibleMesh courses use Cerego—a cutting edge program that uses the latest research in brain science to help our student review and retain information at optimal levels. Based on research into how the human brain actually remembers and retains information, the Cerego program helps our students to learn, review, and retain the essential information for each class. Cerego sends email reminders to your inbox, at the optimal time for you to review essential information, with the result of creating long-term retention.

Gospel Focus

One reason that I love serving as a Tutor for the BibleMesh Institute is because we are helping to train missionaries and others who feel called to other ministries. Of course, anyone can serve God through their job, and I love the fact that everyone can gain a richer understanding of the Gospel, and dive deeper into the grand narrative of the Bible through BibleMesh courses.

BibleMesh is not just for pastors or ministry leaders. BibleMesh is for everyone, because the Bible is for everyone. Understanding the Bible and Christian doctrine is not just the special territory of pastors, academics, or “religious professionals.” BibleMesh makes it easier than ever for everyone to understand the riches of the Bible, and the awesome implications of the Gospel for every aspect of human existence.


Gregory SoderbergGregory Soderberg is an Academic Tutor for the BibleMesh Institute, the Academic Dean of LAMP Seminary RDU, and a teacher at Heritage Leadership Academy.