Unapologetic Study Bible Set for Nov. 7 Release

MORRISTOWN, N.J.—The Unapologetic Study Bible—a resource that applies biblical truth to public square issues, from the church’s role in society to the status of socialism, the promise of adult stem cell research, evidences of intelligent design, the global-warming dispute, and justice in war and punishment —is available for pre-order and slated for release November 7.
Published by Thomas Nelson, the Unapologetic Study Bible features more than 220 articles drawn from Kairos Journal, an online resource to help believers restore the church’s prophetic voice amid cultural decay.
“Many say that the West is a ‘cut-flower civilization,’” publisher Emmanuel Kampouris writes in the study Bible’s foreword, “scarcely sustained by the Christian perspectives that once brought her life. The bloom is fading at a shocking rate; we are desperate for spiritual renewal, grounded in Christ and His Word . . . Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will encourage Christians from all walks of life toward biblically directed thought, word, and deed though the articles included in this study Bible.”
Unapologetic Study Bible articles are organized into eight distinct content areas: church, corruption, economics, education, family, government, sanctity of life, and virtue. The articles also vary in format and comprise quotations from historical figures, in-depth commentary on Bible passages, historical vignettes, and scripturally-informed analysis of current trends.
Among the study Bible’s highlights, readers will learn:
– That French pastor André Trocmé led the village of Chambon to become a haven during World War II for Jews escaping Nazi persecution;
– That British lawmaker William Wilberforce drew inspiration from the biblical preaching of his pastor during the fight to abolish the slave trade;
– That Hebrew terms in Genesis 1 highlight the binary nature of God’s design for gender, in contrast to assertions of the contemporary transgender movement; and
– That the New Testament uses the same Greek word to reference both born and unborn children, suggesting they are equally deserving of protection.
Each Bible book in the Unapologetic Study Bible is preceded by an introduction overviewing its content and identifying key passages. Indices in the back of the study Bible allow readers to study all the articles on a particular topic or survey all the topics addressed within a particular Bible book.
Among contributors to the Unapologetic Study Bible are an international team of pastors and scholars, including the Kairos Journal editorial board.
For more information about Kairos Journal, visit kairosjournal.org; for Thomas Nelson, visit thomasnelson.com.