Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Tuesday, April 12

cross-and-flagWhy Are Companies Taking Sides Against Religious Liberty?
(The Wall Street Journal)
Porn Site Bans North Carolina Users Due to State’s Anti-LGBT Laws (The Huffington Post)
College Drops Mascot Named for Missionaries Martyred by Native Americans (Christianity Today)
How a Secret Church Meeting in Alabama Became a Global Phenomenon (Yellow Hammer)
ISIS Killed 21 Christians in Recaptured Syrian City (Fox News)
Croatian Organization, Named for Nazi, Takes Up Fascist Chant on 25th Anniversary (Balkan Insight)
Turkey Demands Prosecution of German Comedian Who Insulted Their President (New Europe)
Court Restores Ban on Polygamy in Utah, Handing Defeat to Sister Wives Family (The Guardian)
Always a Woman: What Is a Woman’s Role in the Church? (byFaith Online)
When Religious Groups Do What the Government Won’t (The Atlantic)
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