Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, January 2

Franklin Graham: “Duck Dynasty” and the Ducking Church (Charisma)

Temporary Injunction Granted Against Contraception Mandate (FOX News)
Old Historic Church
Australian Inquiry Scrutinizes Church (NC Reporter)
4 in 10 Americans Say They Attend Church, Obama Not Among Them (Deseret News)
Historic Bible Goes Missing after de Blasio Swearing In
(New York Post)
Resources on the Biblical Topic of “Hell” (Reformation 21)
Belgian Rapist’s Plea for Euthanasia Stirs Debate on Mental Health and Right to Die
(The Globe & Mail)
Adolescent Addiction: When Pornography Strikes Early (Deseret News)
“23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23,” and Other Myths (Derek Rishmawy)
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