Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Monday, July 21

Iraq-Mosul-jpgIraqi Chaldean Bishop Urges World to Act after Mosul’s Christians Forced to Flee (Reuters)
Concern and Support for Iraqi Christians Forced by Militants to Flee Mosul (The New York Times)
As North African Leaders Topple, Islamist Ambitions Awakening in Algeria (NTA)
Woman Stoned to Death with Bricks by Family, One of 1000 Honor Killings in Pakistan Each Year (Makers)
Pastors Urged to Fight Abortion among Blacks (Baptist Press)
Church Mentors Read With, Encourage School Children (Waco Tribune)
The Next Religious Liberty Case (The Wall Street Journal)
Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation? (Ligonier)
God Can Restore Your Lost Years (The Gospel Coalition)
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