Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Monday, February 3

Bible-TeachingIntellectual Discipleship? Faithful Thinking for Faithful Living
(Albert Mohler)
5 Things to Look for in a Good Bible Teacher
(The Resurgence)
What Does It Look Like to Open Your Own Bible for the First Time? (The Gospel Coalition)
We Must Stand Up for Middle East Persecuted Christians (FOX News)
Religious Leaders Plead for UN Force in Central African Republic (WorldWatch Monitor)
Edmonton Anglicans Hold “Justice Camp” (Anglican Journal)
Corruption Across EU “Breathtaking” (BBC)
Catholic Flash Mobs Fill Pews, Lift Prayers at NY Churches (FOX News)
Local Church Removes Gay Man’s Membership, Denis Him Communion (
William Lane Craig: God Hears Your Super Bowl Prayers (Christianity Today)
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