Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, June 28

Suicide Blast Near Church of Damascus Kills 4 (USA Today)
Syrians Behead Christians for Helping Military, as CIA Ships in Arms (The Washington Times)
Somali Islamist ‘Not Surrendering’ (BBC)
REVIEW: The Myth of Persecution (Reformation 21)
Ga. Church Goes on 40 Days of Community Service to Shock “Self” into New Rhythm (The Christian Post)
EDITORIAL: C. S. Lewis, Evangelical Rock Star (The New York Times)
Church Official Arrested in Vatican Bank Investigation (FOX News)
Church of England Bids for RBS Branches (The Telegraph)
U.K. Government Backs Three-Person IVF (BBC)
N.J. Moves to End Gay ‘Change’ Therapies for Youths
(The Washington Times)
Leaving Exodus: Alan Chambers Gives Up Ministry to ‘Step Back’ from a Focus on Homosexual Sin (World Magazine)
Senegal’s President Not Keen on Obama’s Lobbying for Homosexual Rights in Africa (National Post)
Chick-fil-A in Gay “Marriage” Spotlight Again (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Chaplains Concerned about Supreme Court’s DOMA Ruling (Acton Institute)
9 Things You Should Know About the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex “Marriage” Cases (The Gospel Coalition)
“Conversations that Matter: Homosexuality & the Christian Faith” — Dr. Rosaria Butterfield (Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church)

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