New BibleMesh Course Explores Biblical Gender Roles

ProfilePicMAKost.smallHAMILTON, Bermuda—BibleMesh is pleased to announce the launch of God’s Design for Man & Woman, an online course from Andreas and Margaret Kӧstenberger explaining the Bible’s teaching about gender roles and applying it to the modern world. In 10 instructional units with more than 30 videos, students will learn that God created man and woman with equally significant yet distinct and complementary roles in the church and the family.
The Kӧstenbergers have been married for 25 years and are the parents of four children. He serves as senior research professor of New Testament and biblical theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where Margaret is adjunct professor of women’s studies.
“Our culture is in great ferment on the issue of gender identities and roles,” Andreas Kӧstenberger said. “As a result, there is an acute need to equip this generation with the clear teaching of Scripture on this subject. In God’s Design for Man & Woman, we show how God’s original pattern was established at creation, subverted at the fall, and is now being restored in Christ for believers. Lasting fulfillment for men and women comes not through political action, legislative initiative, or judicial decree, but only by spiritual transformation.”
Among the features of God’s Design for Man & Woman are:

  • A survey of Scripture’s teaching on gender from Genesis to Revelation rather than a focus only on debated passages.
  • Instructional videos featuring the Kӧstenbergers’ discussing key issues from their perspectives as a husband and wife.
  • Opportunities for reflection, interaction with the material, and assessment.
  • A church curriculum that can be used in conferences or small groups with a facilitator, video component, and discussion questions.

Available at and, God’s Design for Man & Woman is based on the Kӧstenbergers’ book of the same title published by Crossway.
GDMW“In a world awash in confusion about God’s plan for men and women, BibleMesh has gladly partnered with Andreas and Margaret Kӧstenberger in this important project,” said BibleMesh publisher Emmanuel Kampouris. “Their instruction in this course helps bring the clarity of God’s Word to bear on the subject of gender.”
Kampouris and his wife Camille began BibleMesh to address biblical illiteracy worldwide. Emmanuel Kampouris is the retired chairman, CEO, and president of American Standard Companies, Inc. Camille Kampouris is an educator and performer most known for her work with The Jim Henson Company and Sesame Street.
BibleMesh is an internationally known source for theological content that promotes biblical understanding and Christian discipleship. It launched in 2010 to offer high-quality courses in a cutting-edge online learning environment.