Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators Partners with BibleMesh Biblical Languages

HBTbaseJerusalem Center for Bible Translators (JCBT) can be found nestled in the Judean hills just outside of Jerusalem in Yad haSh’mona. Mother tongue Bible translators from 35 different countries have made the journey from their own countries to JCBT to learn the language of the Bible in the land of the Bible so that they are better equipped to undertake the important work of Bible translation when they return home.

Hebrew language study for Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators is based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In the most recent course, however, JCBT has partnered with BibleMesh Biblical Languages so their students, coming from many different countries, can supplement their Hebrew language study with BibleMesh’s text based, inductive language program, as well as continue to use the program once they return to their home countries.

In the video below Hal Ronning, the director of JCBT, talks with Timothy Edwards about the work and ministry of JCBT as well as how BibleMesh has helped in training their students in the important work of Bible translation.