Discipleship Explored Launched by BibleMesh and Christianity Explored Ministries

HAMILTON, Bermuda—BibleMesh and Christianity Explored Ministries have partnered to launch an online course explaining the basics of living a joyful Christian life.
Discipleship Explored is based on the course of the same name published by The Good Book Company and takes students on an eight-stage inductive journey through the book of Philippians. The course answers questions such as: How can we be confident of our salvation? Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do? Why is church so important? Why read the Bible? What is righteousness and how do we get it? How can we know Jesus better? What difference does prayer make? And how can we be content in all circumstances, even when suffering?
“Though a church-based course is ideal, we recognize that they’re not always practical, and for various reasons: erratic schedules, personal health factors, not to mention the difficulties faced by isolated believers living in countries where churches are being shut down or driven underground,” said Barry Cooper, author of Discipleship Explored and director of product development at Christianity Explored Ministries. “That’s why Discipleship Explored Online has been developed.
“This is more than a simple ‘port’ of Discipleship Explored,” Cooper continued. “There are many things we can do online that would be impossible in an offline course. So this is a hugely exciting moment for us. We are thrilled to be partnering with BibleMesh and are grateful for their dedication and vision. We’re looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use Discipleship Explored Online.”
Each of the eight stages of Discipleship Explored features an introductory Bible study, a 10-­15 minute video, targeted questions to help students apply what they have learned, and follow-­up studies that explore other biblical passages on the same theme.
Christianity Explored Ministries was founded by Rico Tice and Barry Cooper under the ministry of John Stott at All Souls Church, Langham Place in Central London.
BibleMesh is an internationally known source for theological content that promotes biblical understanding and Christian discipleship. It launched in 2010 to offer high-quality courses in a cutting-edge online learning environment.
Emmanuel and Camille Kampouris began BibleMesh to address biblical illiteracy worldwide. Emmanuel Kampouris is the retired chairman, CEO, and president of American Standard Companies, Inc. Camille Kampouris is an educator and performer most known for her work with The Jim Henson Company and Sesame Street.
“It’s a pleasure to partner with Christianity Explored Ministries to offer tried and true Christian resources in an online format,” said Emmanuel Kampouris. “From the very beginning, our global team has sought to provide a fresh, faithful introduction to the Bible and to bring its teachings to bear on everyday life. We strongly believe that this new collaboration honors that purpose.”
For more information about BibleMesh or Christianity Explored Ministries, visit biblemesh.com.