BibleMesh Launches Mounce Greek Courses

HAMILTON, Bermuda—Bill Mounce’s best-selling Greek textbook The Basics of Biblical Greek is the foundation for two new online courses launched by Mounce and BibleMesh.
mounce-logo-straplineDivided into 36 lessons on Greek grammar, vocabulary and translation technique, The Basics of Biblical Greek online courses combine classic textbook content with Cerego technologies to enhance grammar and vocabulary retention. Easily adapted into the standard two-semester format of learning biblical Greek, the courses are available in either a stand-alone format or with an academic support bundle.
With the academic support bundle, students can retain permanent access to their grades and receive academic credit at partner institutions of higher education.
The Basics of Biblical Greek textbook is used in colleges and seminaries across the world and has helped more than 200,000 students learn to read the New Testament in the original Greek.
“I am delighted that we are able to partner with Bill Mounce on this important project, enabling people to read God’s Word in the original language,” said BibleMesh publisher Emmanuel Kampouris. “Our global team has long sought to help people know and love the Bible. We strongly believe that this new collaboration honors this purpose.”
The courses include Greek audio recordings, vocabulary tutorials and teaching videos featuring Mounce, president of
Mounce said the online courses are “not merely an eBook” but “a truly interactive, learning experience.”
“There is so much that we can do electronically to help the student learn biblical Greek, making the process much less painful than a traditional paper textbook,” said Mounce. “That is why I am delighted to be working hand in hand with BibleMesh, using their expertise to accomplish this goal. From the presentation of the written material, to the inclusion of the videos, to the interactive testing, we are well on our way to a new type of learning experience. And for teachers, the embedded administrative tools from Cerego will make teaching a class of any size a rewarding experience.”
In the coming months, BibleMesh will release other Mounce courses based on content from, which offers resources for discipleship in the local church.
BibleMesh is an internationally known source for theological content that promotes biblical understanding and Christian discipleship. It launched in 2010 to offer high-quality courses in a cutting-edge online learning environment.
Kampouris and his wife Camille began BibleMesh to address biblical illiteracy worldwide. Emmanuel Kampouris is the retired chairman, CEO, and president of American Standard Companies, Inc. Camille Kampouris is an educator and performer most known for her work with The Jim Henson Company and Sesame Street.
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