Union Theological College

Union Theological College in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has a history of providing theological education that stretches back to the founding of the original Presbyterian College there in 1853.

The College’s primary task is to prepare students for ministry in contemporary Ireland. Union also welcomes students from all backgrounds and perspectives to study Christian theology at undergraduate and postgraduate level in a community of faith and scholarship. Explore our current programs below.

Union Theological College

This program takes students from the Greek alphabet to reading the Greek New Testament with understanding and proficiency. 

Union Theological College
Delivered by the BibleMesh Institute by means of a collaborative agreement, this taught Masters allows students to gain advanced theological knowledge of central Christian doctrines.
Union Theological College

Gain advanced historical and theological knowledge of central Christian doctrines through this graduate-level program.

Union Theological College

This MTh programme offers advanced theological training by providing a rigorous grounding in all core aspects of New Testament Studies.

Be equipped for the ministry of church planting among unreached people groups.

Learn the Greek alphabet and read the Greek New Testament with understanding and proficiency.

This certificate program provides foundational training and is designed with church lay leaders in mind.

Learn the Hebrew alphabet and read the Old Testament with understanding and proficiency.

This Certificate is custom-designed for the Master of Arts in Christian Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Learn essential vocabulary and grammar for biblical Greek and Hebrew and develop a reading facility in both biblical languages.

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