Resolved. To Learn Hebrew & Greek.

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BibleMesh Biblical Languages

A Passion For Scripture.

Our approach to learning Hebrew and Greek is to have the Biblical text at the heart of the experience. Start reading and learn the grammar as you go along. As you proceed, you will build your knowledge of the biblical languages. All the while immersed in the text of Scripture.

Concise Videos

Leading scholars explain key grammatical concepts. Includes on-site teaching videos in Israel.

Audio recordings

Learn to pronounce Greek and Hebrew. Model your pronunciation after fluent speakers.

Grammar Articles

Each lesson features grammar articles and other text-based resources e.g. morphology charts.

Assessment Tools

Get feedback and help ensure you are retaining important concepts. Grades are recorded to view your progress.


Cerego memory technology makes vocabulary acquisition simple and effective. No more flashcards!

Choose Your Track.

Reading in Hebrew or Greek helps you hear and understand the Word of God in all the ways that it speaks. Knowing the biblical languages help you catch the themes and allusions which echo repeatedly throughout Scripture. Knowing the meaning of specific words can take you deeper into the world of the text. By taking time and stretching your mind you can better interpret and teach the Bible.

Learn the Hebrew alphabet and read the Hebrew Old Testament with understanding and proficiency.

Learn the Greek alphabet and read the Greek New Testament with understanding and proficiency.

Learn essential vocabulary and grammar for Biblical Greek and Hebrew and develop a reading facility in both biblical languages.


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"I have really enjoyed using BibleMesh in my online study of New Testament Greek and have found it to be an effective and thorough education. I appreciate the linear progression of learning and the repetition of key concepts."
Caleb D. P.
Biblical Greek Student

Guided by dedicated scholars and teachers.

BibleMesh Biblical Languages courses are guided by dedicated scholars and teachers who specialize in Hebrew and Greek.

They have studied and taught Greek and Hebrew on a daily basis in some of the best universities in the United Kingdom and America. 

Dr. Mark Dubis

Dr. Mark Dubis

Professor of Biblical Studies at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. He has a passion for ancient languages, having taught Greek, Hebrew, and Latin.

Dr. Timothy Edwards

Taught Hebrew at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and has lectured at the University of Oxford, University of Bristol, and various Bible schools in central Europe


For 50% OFF list price for a limited time. Ends May 27th.

"I would highly recommend BibleMesh Biblical Languages. It is an excellent way to learn Greek and Hebrew in context in a stimulating, immersive and interactive way. May it be a help to you as you seek to “rightly handle the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15)!"
Toby Martin
Elder, Grace Church Boroughbridge