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Essentials Series

We’ve selected the very best courses in biblical studies, theology, and worldview. Our Essentials series gives you have a firm foundation to enrich your faith and grow in your knowledge of God.

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  • Worldview
  • Biblical Literacy
  • Bible Survey
  • Theology
  • Church History

Introduces the concept of worldview and equips you with a foundational knowledge of a Christian worldview and the skills to assess competing worldviews encountered in the culture today.


Students are given a broad vision of the Christian life and the way it equips them to live according to God’s purposes in every sphere of culture.

  • Define worldview, explain various paradigms of worldview, and list the ultimate questions worldviews answer
  • Discuss the narrative contours of a Christian worldview and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses in relation to other competing worldviews
  • Critically assess worldviews represented in one’s own cultural context and relate these to the Christian worldview
John Stonestreet

John Stonestreet

President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Daily voice of BreakPoint, the nationally syndicated commentary on the culture founded by the late Chuck Colson.

Biblical Literacy & Bible Survey.

Get a vision of the big picture and overarching themes of Scripture. But also grasp important facts, figures and events in the narrative. These courses give you an overview of both the Old and New Testament. You will come away with a much richer understanding of the Bible.


A complete Bible overview presenting the record of God’s redemptive acts as a single story from Genesis to Revelation.

Zondervan Academic

Part indispensable overview and part careful examination. Introduces students to the culture, context, and content of each book in the Old Testament.

Zondervan Academic

Including both background information and careful attention to the biblical books themselves, NT Survey offers a full introduction to the 27 books of the New Testament.

Theology & Church History.

Get a thorough overview of Christian theology. Study systematic topics and doctrine and their relevance for the church. Get the basics of bible interpretation and learn how to rightly handle God’s word. Grow in the faith once delivered to the saints, by exploring church history in the creeds, councils and confessions of the church.

Zondervan Academic

This course opens our eyes to the Apostle’s Creed as a resource to explore and understand the basic teachings of the Christian faith.

Zondervan Academic

An introductory theology series that grounds a treatment of standard systematic topics in the wider context of life and practice and shows the relevance of each doctrine to the church. 

Zondervan Academic
Based on the popular textbook Grasping God’s Word, this course provides simple and clear introduction to reading the Word of God carefully and in context, interpreting it, and then applying it faithfully.
Zondervan Academic

The Triune God course will teach you the riches of Christian thought on the Trinity for the sake of theological renewal. Thought-provoking yet understandable, you’ll explore the biblical, creedal, and confessional shape of this central Christian doctrine.

Zondervan Academic

Leading you through centuries of creeds, councils, catechisms, and confessions with an emphasis on the living tradition of Christian belief and why it matters for our lives today.

Zondervan Academic

The Christian life depends upon faith, but there are good reasons for that faith. This course answers the “why” questions, laying out a simple and convincing case for the core teachings of Christianity.

Zondervan Academic

Justin Holcomb introduces students to the major heresies in Christian history, outlining not just the false teachings themselves but also the orthodox response to each one and their ongoing contemporary relevance.

Zondervan Academic

From Christ to the Pre-Reformation: Offering an introduction to church history that integrates the events and developments of the church with the social, economic, and intellectual history of the broader world around it.

Zondervan Academic

From Pre-Reformation to the Present Day: Recounting the ups and downs, the triumphs and struggles, of the Christian movement. A unique contextual view of how the Christian church spread and developed

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