Philemon Zachariou

BibleMesh Institute Academic Tutor

Following his graduation from high school in Greece, Philemon, a native Greek, attended the International Bible Training Institute in England. He holds a diploma in biblical studies, a B.A. and M.A. degree in applied linguistics from the University of California, and a Ph.D. in religious education from the International Seminary in Florida. Retired, he develops New Testament Greek instructional material, is an adjunct professor of English at Northwest University, and serves as a Greek proctor for Bible Mesh. During his career as an educator and public school administrator, he taught Modern Greek at California State University and Adult Education in California; New Testament Greek at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Gateway Seminary); and New Testament Greek, NT Greek Word Studies, and Christology at Capital Bible College, Sacramento (Northwest University). Philemon has also been the recipient of several academic and administrative citations; and he has been involved in various church ministries for many years, including preaching, teaching, and serving on various church boards and committees.

Why the BibleMesh Institute?

  • The BibleMesh Institute offers courses and instruction from established scholars and ministries, combined with personal mentorship from a Proctor.
  • Students (graduate, undergraduate, and high school dual enrollment) at the BibleMesh Institute may be eligible to earn academic credit through selected partner institutions.
  • Proctors at the Institute offer weekly guidance, encouragement, track student progress, and assist students in working through the material.

For-Credit Courses Proctored

  • Biblical Greek (graduate & undergraduate level)

Publications by Philemon

  • “Onward Christian Soldiers,” Live, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, MO, 1974.
  • Elementary Phonetics and Exercises: A Teaching and Study Manual and Workbook, ERIC Clearing House for Linguistics, 1981.
  • The Proselytizer: The Diaries of Panos T. Zachariou, Pioneer Minister of the Gospel in Greece, American Christian Writers Press, 1999.
  • Reading and Pronouncing Biblical Greek, Vol. I: Historical Evidence of Authentic Sounds, Greek Language & Linguistics, Sacramento, CA, 2011.
  • Reading and Pronouncing Biblical Greek, Vol. II: Orthography and Phonetics Workbook, Greek Language & Linguistics, Sacramento, CA, 2011.
  • The Proselytizer: The Diaries of Panos T. Zachariou, Pioneer Minister of the Gospel in Greece (E-book version of book above), 2011.
  • Biblical Greek, Vol. III: Grammar Essentials, Greek Language & Linguistics, Sacramento, CA, 2015.
  • “Jesus Spoke Greek Also” in The Lord’s Supper by Joseph Kostelnik, Gospel Truth Ministries, Cincinnati, OH, 2017.
  • Το Απαγορευμένο Βιβλίο που με Άλλαξε (The Forbidden Book that Changed Me): Από τα Ημερολόγια του Πάνου Τ. Ζαχαρίου. Greek Language & Linguistics, Sacramento, CA, 2018. (The Proselytizer in Greek)
  • “Beyond Aspect: NT Insights through Modern Greek,” April 27, 2020, The BibleMesh Blog,
  • “Vine and Vineyard: A New Perspective,” June 5, 2020, The BibleMesh Blog,
  • Reading and Pronouncing Biblical Greek: Historical Pronunciation versus Erasmian,
    Wipf & Stock Publishers (June 2020)

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