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Founded in 1837, Erskine Theological Seminary prepares men and women to fulfill the Great Commission through theological higher education that is ecclesial, missional, and confessional (Matthew 28:16-20).

Erskine Theological Seminary has partnered with The BibleMesh Institute to deliver affordable and trusted theological education online.

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Erskine Track

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Transfer your grade transcript to Erskine

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Approved Courses for Transfer Credit: MAPM - MATS - MACC


Survey of Church History

Incorporating the Introduction to Christian History textbook and videos by Stephen Backhouse, this 3-credit hour course presents an essential overview of church history, providing vital facts on the growth and impact of Christianity from the apostles to the present day not only in the Western world but also globally.


Survey of Systematic Theology

Structured upon the What Christians Ought to Believe textbook and videos by Michael F. Bird, this 3-credit hour course introduces Christian doctrine via the Apostle’s Creed, delineating what Christians should believe about God, Jesus, the church, and the life to come.


New Testament 1 & 2

Using The New Testament in Its World textbook and videos by N.T. Wright and Michael F. Bird, these two 3-credit hour courses offer an introduction to the history, literature, and cultural context of the New Testament.

Other Bible & Theology Courses: Prior Permission Required


Old Testament 1 & 2

These two 3-credit-hour courses offer an introduction to the history, literature, and cultural context of the Old Testament, with specific focus given to interpretation and theology of the overarching narrative of Scripture.


Systematic Theology 1

The following Systematic Theology 1 options are available: 

  • Systematic Theology 1 (Zondervan: Wayne Grudem) – 3 credit hrs
  • Evangelical Theology 1 (Zondervan: Michael F. Bird) – 3 credit hrs

Systematic Theology 2

The following Systematic Theology 2 options are available: 

  • Systematic Theology 2 (Zondervan: Wayne Grudem) – 3 credit hrs
  • Evangelical Theology 2 (Zondervan: Michael F. Bird) – 3 credit hrs

Biblical Languages: Courses for Denominational Requirement


Biblical Hebrew

The following Hebrew Course options are available: 


Biblical Greek

The following Greek Course options are available: 

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need to apply to the BibleMesh Institute by going here. Be sure to select “Erskine Seminary Track” as the program you are interested in. Upon your enrollment in the Institute, we will assign you a qualified academic tutor who will guide you through each course of study.

Students enroll in the BibleMesh Institute on a subscription basis. The monthly cost for each BibleMesh Institute course is $225 per month. The length of time to complete a course varies depending on each student’s situation, but averages 3 months for dedicated students.

The BibleMesh Institute assigns each student an academic tutor for each course. All of our proctors (academic tutors) are highly trained in their subject area and are prepared to walk alongside you through your courses, monitoring your progress and answering your questions.

Yes. Each course is provided with month-to-month access to better fit your situation. You may work through and complete a course as your schedule allows, while your academic tutor guides you to ensure competency and mastery of the content. You may take as much time as you wish to complete an individual course or a certificate program.

In order to complete a course track, students must complete every course within that program. Some certificates, like the Biblical Languages certificate, do require courses to be completed in a specific sequence. If you need to pause your studies, you can; your progress and grades will not be lost. You can simply renew your monthly course subscription and resume from where you left off.

Yes, anyone can take up to 50% of the required credit hours as transferable for a graduate degree, certificate or diploma from Erskine Seminary. This applies only to Erskine approved courses completed through the BibleMesh Institute. Once transferred to Erskine, students can complete a Master of Arts in Theological Studies online. Details regarding Master of Divinity and other Master of Arts degrees forthcoming.

Upon finishing all required courses as approved by Erskine Seminary, BibleMesh will transfer your official grade transcript to Erskine Seminary.

When scholarships are available they are initially available to students already studying in the BibleMesh Institute. Students may request a family discount when two or more family members are actively enrolled in courses through BMI.

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