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Kontaktmission Cross-Cultural Certificate

Fully Accredited Cross-Cultural ministry certificate designed by Kontaktmission for doing Biblically sound practical discipleship in Europe and beyond.

Kontaktmission is committed to planting churches and making disciples in Europe, the least Christian continent.

Kontaktmission was established as a purely European mission agency over 40 years ago, and is now sending mission servants from all over the world, including from the United States and Canada. Our heart and our missions ethos is still firmly rooted in and focused on Europe, which is home to a remarkably complex religious and philosophical-ideological battleground. For ministry in Europe, alongside believing, educated, sophisticated Europeans, it is of paramount importance to have a solid foundation in Scripture and in sound theology. This Kontaktmission-BibleMesh program is designed specifically to provide that right theological basis, which is necessary for the best kind of effective ministry in the complex contexts of Europe, and beyond.

Track Details

Kontaktmission Cross-Cultural Certificate

Institute Track

While anyone can apply to BibleMesh in order to take the eight courses listed below, along with the pre-assessment and Capstone requirements, only Kontaktmission candidates are eligible to receive the actual Certificate*. To learn more about Kontaktmission click here.

* Note: Not all students will be required to complete the 8 courses in the track, but all 8 must be completed to receive the Kontaktmission Certificate.


$250 per month (the average completion timeframe is 2-3 months per course)

– Average cost per 3-credit-hr course at an accredited evangelical seminary = $1,800.00
– Average cost per 3-credit-hr course through the BibleMesh Institute = $500.00

Program includes


Note: Not all students will be required to complete the 8 courses in the track, but all 8 must be completed to receive the Kontaktmission Certificate.

Courses in this Track


Initial Assessment Interview

All students are required to take an oral 1-hour assessment interview to determine baseline knowledge in the areas of Bible and Interpretation, Doctrine and Historical Theology.


Intro to Theology and Bible Interpretation

This course introduces students to the task of theology and principles of bible interpretation. It explores issues of theological method, the sources and goals of theology, the nature and authority of Christian scripture, and how to teach others basic skills in Bible interpretation. It gives particular emphasis to missiological application of interpretive methods and introduces issues of contextualization.


The Biblical Story Course – Old Testament

This course offers an introduction to the history, literature, and cultural context of the Old Testament, with specific focus on the record of God’s redemptive acts from Genesis through the time of the prophets.


The Biblical Story Course – New Testament

This course offers an introduction to the history, literature, and cultural context of the New Testament, with specific focus on the record of God’s redemptive acts from the intertestamental period through Revelation.


What Christians Ought to Believe

Bringing together theological commentary, tips for application, and memorable illustrations, the What Christians Ought to Believe course teaches you the basic tenets of the Christian faith using the Apostle’s Creed as the entryway. After first emphasizing the importance of creeds for the formation of the Christian faith, lessons introduce core beliefs about the Father, the Son, the Spirit, the Church, and the end times.


Introduction to Biblical Worldview

This course introduces the concept of worldview and equips you with a foundational knowledge of a Christian worldview and the skills to assess competing worldviews encountered in the culture today.


Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth

This course looks beyond the divides of the left and right to discover how a Christian worldview speaks truth, hope, and unity into the most polarizing social justice controversies of our day. It presents a compelling vision of justice that offers hopeful answers to life’s biggest questions.


2 Electives

Choose 2 of the following from the options below. You will be directed to select the courses that best fit your field preparation.

  • Know the Creeds & Councils
  • Moral Choices: Intro to Christian Ethics
  • The Triune God: Intro to the Doctrine of the Trinity
  • Christ Alone: Intro to Christology
  • Why We Trust the Bible
  • God’s Word Alone: Into to the Doctrine of Scripture
  • Organic Outreach: Intro to Evangelism
  • A Theology of Biblical Counseling
  • Understanding World Religions

Capstone Project

The post-assessment is a Capstone Project. This final module will be a one-month project that will be designed to assess the core competencies of the Kontaktmission Cross-Cultural Certificate as well as Gospel clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need to apply to the BibleMesh Institute by going here. Be sure to select the “Kontaktmission Cross-Cultural Certificate” as the program you are interested in. Upon your enrollment in the Institute, we will assign you a qualified academic tutor who will guide you through each course of study.

Students enroll in the BibleMesh Institute on a subscription basis. The monthly cost for each BibleMesh Institute course is $250 per month. The length of time to complete a course varies depending on each student’s situation, but averages 3 months for dedicated students.

To provide the highest quality online learning experience and to meet academic standards, the BibleMesh Institute assigns each student an academic tutor for each course. All of our proctors (academic tutors) are highly qualified in their subject field.

Yes. Each course is provided with month-to-month access to better fit your situation. You may work through and complete a course as your schedule allows, while your academic tutor guides you to ensure competency and mastery of the content. You may take as much time as you wish to complete an individual course or a certificate program.

In order to complete a certificate program, students must complete every course within that program. Some certificates, like the Biblical Languages certificate, do require courses to be completed in a specific sequence. If you need to pause your studies, you can; your progress and grades will not be lost. You can simply renew your monthly course subscription and resume from where you left off.

Anyone can take the eight courses listed in the Kontaktmission Cross-Cultural Certificate, but only those who are members of Kontaktmission are eligible to receive the actual Certificate. To learn more about Christar click here.

Upon finishing all the courses in a certificate program, you may apply for and receive a certificate.

When scholarships are available they are initially available to students already studying in the BibleMesh Institute.

Yes. Several partnering colleges and seminaries provide academic pathways using courses and programs offered through the Institute. To see a list of these schools go here.

Credit-bearing courses provided through the BibleMesh Institute are built to accreditation standards. If you would like us to talk with your school about the possibility of accepting transfer credits for BibleMesh Institute courses or programs, please contact us.

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