Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, Feb. 21

Why Don’t We Care About the Slaughter of Nigerian Christians? (Christian Post)

Trump Admin. Denies Asylum to Dozens of Iranian Christians Fleeing Persecution (AINA)

Pakistan: Christian Arrested for ‘Blasphemy’ to Appease Islamist Throng, Sources Say (Morning Star News)

Canada’s Pro-Abortion Politics (First Things)

It’s Not Conversion Therapy; It’s Just Conversion (Denny Burk)

You Can Win the War Against Sin (Desiring God)

The Sin of Tolerance: An Example of Billy Graham’s Fiery Preaching in the 1950s (Christianity Today)

9 Things You Should Know About Billy Graham (1918–2018) (The Gospel Coalition)

World Religions Series: Atheism (DTS)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Wednesday, Feb. 21

Iceland’s Parliament Considering Ban on Circumcision (Iceland Review)

Is the West Finally Pushing Saudi Arabia to Squelch Its Version of Radical Islam? (Fox News)

Malaysia: Court Challenges Sharia Law after Father Converts His Three Children to Islam (Peter Riddell)

Dagestan (Russia): Terror Strikes as Tension Boils (RLPB)

Dishonoring the Dead: Moral and Constitutional Considerations on Fetal Disposition (Public Discourse)

Where Protestants and Catholics Go When They Leave Their Churches (Christianity Today)

Why Transgenderism Threatens Parental Rights (The Gospel Coalition)

The Problem of Theological Development (Michael Bird)

Which Country Sends the [Second] Most Missionaries? (Challies)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Tuesday, Feb. 20

Mobile Mosques on the Drawing Board for 2020 Tokyo Olympics (The Japan News)

Breakthrough as Scientists Grow Sheep Embryos Containing Human Cells (The Guardian)

Broken Faith: The United States Appears to Give, then Denies, Asylum to Religious Minorities Targeted in Iran (World Magazine)

Parents Think It’s Unfair Transgender Testosterone-Pumped Wrestler Can Compete With Girls (The Stream)

What Is “Progressive Christianity” and Why Should You Beware of It? (Roger Olson)

Why Transgenderism Threatens Parental Rights (The Gospel Coalition)

Pastor, Visit Their Workplace (Acts 29)

What Does it Mean to Abide in Christ? (Ligonier)


Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Monday, Feb. 18

800 “Rail Suicides” Each Year in Germany Take Psychological Toll on Engineers (Der Speigel)

RUSSIA: Dagestan, Isis Attacks an Orthodox church, Killing Five Women (Asia News)

Nigeria: 135 Children Killed, Forced to Carry Out Suicide Bombings for Boko Haram in 2017 (Christian Post)

UK: Thousands Call for ‘Ousted’ Christian Chaplain to Get His Job Back (

Three Things To Know about Korean Christianity (Challies)

Christian Parents and Schools Have 529 Reasons to Like New Tax Law (Christianity Today)

Jesus’ Mental Health: Schweitzer’s Classic Work (Larry Hurtado)

Review: N. T. Wright Wants to Reintroduce You to Paul (The Gospel Coalition)

10 Things You Should Know about Charles Spurgeon (Crossway)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Saturday, Feb. 17

Jews Concerned Over Polish Law Making it Illegal to Suggest Country’s Leadership Was At All Complicit in the Holocaust (The Guardian)

Iranian Intellectuals and Activists Push for a Referendum against Theocracy (Asia News)

Iran: History Lessons from Years Under Islamism (Gatestone Institute)

Sudan: Christians Have Asked for Prayer after the Demolition of a Church Building (Middle East Concern)

Parents Lose Custody of Transgender Teen (World Magazine)

What Should We Make of the Massive Repetition of Tabernacle Details in Exodus? (Knowable Word)

The Darker Side of Small Group (Desiring God)

Why the 2018 “Gerber Baby” Choice is So Important (First Things)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, Feb. 16

Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation (New York Times)

Death of Dementia Patient Stirs Belgium Euthanasia Fears (Yahoo News)

Five Words of Hope in the Face of Horrific Evil and Pain (Denny Burk)

Churches Weep & Minister after Florida School Shooting (BP News)

Skeleton Racing Olympian Says ‘Jesus is Still My Lord’ No Matter Her Scores (The Stream)

How Google, Amazon, and Facebook Shape Your Mind (The Gospel Coalition)

The Abusive Society – the Far Country of Sexual Rebellion (Touchstone Magazine)

Four Guidelines for Mental Health Issues and the Church (ERLC)

10 Things You Should Know about B. B. Warfield (Crossway)