Crosslands offers a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry through a partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the BibleMesh Institute

Crosslands is excited to announce a partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) and the BibleMesh Institute (BMI). This cooperative effort provides Crosslands’ students the opportunity to earn an accredited Master of Arts degree.

Created by a combination of Acts 29’s extensive church-planting experience and Oak Hill Theological College’s training expertise, Crosslands is a Flexicademy™, a new type of organisation that delivers flexible learning and rigorous training.

It offers excellent in-context theological training and resources for churches and church leaders in the UK, Europe and 10:40 window: Entry courses for new Christians, Foundation courses for motivated congregation members, and Seminary courses for potential and current leaders or planters

Now, supported by trusted theological educational experts BMI and Great Commission Seminary SEBTS, students successfully completing the Crosslands Seminary course will gain an MA in Christian Ministry (mentored) from SEBTS.

“We’ve delighted in the collaboration between Acts 29 and Oak Hill to create Crosslands” said Steve Timmis (Acts 29 CEO and Chair of the Crosslands Board).  “To now have the opportunity and privilege to work with such well-regarded partners as SEBTS and BMI in order to serve our students is a truly exciting development”.

Dan Strange (Acting Principal of Oak Hill and Crosslands Board member) agrees “Crosslands has proved a real success in delivering high-quality theological training in the contexts where our students live, work and minister.  Being able to recognise their studies with the MA qualification from SEBTS is a great step-forwards.”

Professor Danny Akin (President of SEBTS) adds “We’re excited about Crosslands’ vision to provide theological education across Europe and the 10/40 window to those that, for various reasons, are unable to train through more traditional ways.”

“We are also delighted by this new opportunity to help equip church leaders and planters in gospel-hungry locations. Crosslands offers those serving in the neediest places the opportunity to get the sort of training most suitable for their work.” added Dr. Michael McClenahan (Executive Director, BibleMesh).

Applications are now open for the four-year accredited Ministry course, which will start in September 2018 alongside an unaccredited three-year equivalent.

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Editor’s Notes:

Crosslands™ is registered as a UK charity, number 1167211 with hubs in the English Midlands, Dublin, Paris and Venice.

Media enquiries should be directed to the Project Director, Chris Rimmer, at or on +44 (0)1144 372237.

Crosslands offers an accredited part-time Ministry course over three or four years for aspiring church planters, assistant leaders, apprentices and even those already in ministry. Currently there are 56 students on the course, with bilingual options for non-English speakers.

Its Foundation courses for motivated congregation members, small group leaders, interns and elders are available through its partner BibleMesh in English and have been translated and contextualised into French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Romanian, Turkish and Russian to serve the 500+ students currently being trained across Europe.

Entry courses for new Christians are being produced this year.

Acts 29 is a diverse, global family of church-planting churches, characterised by theological clarity, cultural engagement and missional innovation.

Oak Hill Theological College is a long-established UK provider of full-time and part-time residential accredited evangelical theological training for Anglican and Independent churches, mission, and youth and children’s work.

Southeastern Baptist Theological College is a theological seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention, and has equipped men and women to serve the church to fulfil the Great Commission for more than 65 years.

BibleMesh works with churches, ministries, and institutions to provide affordable global trusted theological education. Accredited degree pathways and certificate tracks are available through the BibleMesh Institute. BibleMesh incorporates advanced technology to enhance student assessment, memory and learning.

Media enquiries should be directed to Douglas Baker at or +1 405.443.1157.

Philippines: BibleMesh Spurs Reformation 500th Celebration

A satellite campus of a Filipino megachurch says BibleMesh was a key part of the impetus for its celebration of the Protestant Reformation’s 500th anniversary.

In January, the Manila-area Eastwood satellite of Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) – a Philippines-based nondenominational church with 30,000 attendees at its main campus and 60 satellites worldwide – began taking some 20 young adult leaders through a series of BibleMesh online courses that covered biblical and systematic theology, church history, and apologetics.

Providentially, the students’ excitement for the Reformation’s theological heritage peaked as the 500th anniversary approached of the day Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany.

The students “started getting excited, really excited” about the Reformers’ teaching on salvation, said Josh Gurango, the group’s facilitator and a youth and singles leader at CCF Eastwood. “Their eyes were just opened, and they said, ‘We’ve got to find a way where we can share this with people.'”

So Gurango worked with fellow leaders at CCF Eastwood – which averages 900 worship attendees – to organize an October 28 conference on Reformation doctrine that drew more than 150 participants from multiple churches.

BibleMesh cosponsored the event with CCF Eastwood, and all conference participants received free access to Era 1 of BibleMesh’s Biblical Story course. Speakers addressed the five Reformation solas, Latin statements that express the doctrines of Scripture’s sufficiency and justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for the glory of God alone.

Not only did the conference educate believers about the Reformation, the experience also increased enthusiasm for BibleMesh at CCF Eastwood.

Those who completed the five-course sequence Gurango designed gained “confidence in reading and understanding Scripture,” he said. Most of the students lead small groups for youth or single adults and said their BibleMesh study “really helped them a lot when it came to ministering.”

Older CCF Eastwood leaders who did not participate in the initial BibleMesh cohort have signed up for a second run, Gurango said, now that they have observed the study’s benefits to the congregation. Some Reformation conference attendees also want to participate in the online study.

While various BibleMesh courses could be used in local church studies, the five courses Gurango selected were: The Bible in Missional Perspective (produced by the Porterbrook Network), Systematic Theology 1 & 2 (produced by the Bethlehem Institute), Church History in Missional Perspective (produced by Porterbrook), and Apologetics (produced by Porterbrook).

Other aspects of Gurango’s curriculum were courses CCF already had in place for its members as well as online discussions and tests he designed. Upon completion of the curriculum, students received a certificate from BibleMesh in partnership with CCF Eastwood. There was even a graduation ceremony.

“BibleMesh can easily work alongside a curriculum that is already in place at a church such as ours,” Gurango said. “It worked very well because it became very much supplementary.”

For more information about how you can use BibleMesh courses or build out an online discipleship learning track for your church, visit or email

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