Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, Oct. 5

Archaeologists in Turkey Believe They Have Discovered Santa Claus’s Tomb (The Telegraph)

Britain Moves from Opt-In to Opt-Out System of Organ Donation Consent (Belfast Telegraph)

Homosexual Bemoans Switzerland’s Rejection of Gay “Marriage” (Swiss Info)

Shoe Company Money Corrupts College Basketball Recruiting: One Player’s Story (New York Times)

Why is God Taking so Long? 4 Things to Learn from God’s Patience (Acts 29)

Economics in One Lesson (Ethics and Culture)

Southwest Flight Attendant Says She Was Fired For Being Pro-Life (The Stream)

Understanding the Relationship of Christianity and Culture (Between the Times)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Wednesday, Oct. 4

The Disappearing Teenage Job (World)

‘Doomsday Preacher’ on Wimbledon Train Causes Passengers to Flee (The Guardian)

More Jihadists in the West – Why? (Gatestone Institute)

Forcing Faith-Based Organizations Out of Foster Care and Adoption Hurts Children (Public Discourse)

Christianity and Sexuality: What We Believe, Why We Don’t Believe It (Zondervan Academic)

Pew: Islam Is Most Official, But Christianity Is Most Favored Worldwide (Christianity Today)

What Does It Mean to Be a Shepherd Over the Flock? (Ligonier)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Tuesday, Oct. 3

Kid’s Spontaneous Gift of $20 Has Multiplied into Millions for Children Who Lost Parent in Combat (The Epoch Times)

ANALYSIS: Socialism Was an Engine of Inequality (Media Times Review)

Secular Philosopher Reasoned That Happiness Does Not Lie in Having All You Want (The New York Times)

Austria: Integration Law Goes into Effect (Gastestone Institute)

No Cure for Turkey and Wretched Recep Erdoğan (The Spectator)

ISIS Sex Slave Survivors Return Home, Reveal Multiple Abortions (The Christian Post)

Overcoming Religious Tribalism: An Example (Jesus Creed)

Biblical Counseling vs. Christian Counseling: What’s the Difference? (Zondervan Academic)

What Sola Scriptura Really Means (Crossway)

5 Ways to Respond to the Las Vegas Shooting (ERLC)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Monday, Oct. 2

Turkish President Admits U.S. Pastor is a Political Hostage (ANS)

 The Quiet Islamic Conquest of Spain (The Gatestone Institute)

Tebow Ridiculed for Kneeling; Current NFL Kneelers Lauded (National Post)

Convert to Judaism in Pakistan Pays Price (YNet News)

Sex Change Regret: Gender Reversal Surgery Is on the Rise, So Why Aren’t We Talking about It? (The Telegraph)

Surrogate Mother Fights for Triplets (World Magazine)

Anglican Bishops Prep for Tough Talks on Same-Sex Marriage (Religion News Service)

The Great Marriage Killer (Desiring God)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Friday, Sept. 29

Turkey President Offers to Release US Pastor in Exchange for Muslim Cleric (The Christian Post)

Egypt: Copts Face Arrest After Facebook Post Leads Muslims to Riot (Word Watch Monitor)

Deus Ex Machina: Former Google Engineer Is Developing an AI god (The Guardian)

New York Courts Rule Against “Aid in Dying” and Warn of Its Dangers (Public Discourse)

Think Fake News Is Scary? Try False Teaching (Christianity Today)

Unexpected Footprints Deal Blow to Evolution (World Magazine)

Is the Church Ready to Respond to ‘Christian’ Polyamory? (The Gospel Coalition)

Faith That Changed the Culture: How Luther Inspired Music, Charity, and Abolition  (Desiring God)

Selected News Stories from Around the World* — Thursday, Sept. 28

Syphilis Rates Are on the Rise, and Dating Apps May Be Playing a Role, Experts Say (USA Today)

Saudi Women Allowed to Drive in Latest Reform Push by Prince (AP)

Canadian Anglican Church Rents Space to Muslims, Inspires Sitcom, “Little Mosque on the Prairie” (Macleans)

Stalin “Weaponised Hunger as a Tool of Total War” Against His Own People in the Ukraine (The Spectator)

A Witch-Themed Store Opens in Kansas to Serve a Growing Pagan Population (LJWord)

Remember When Liberals Wanted Evangelicals to be More Political? (Religion News)

The Lost Purpose of Learning (First Things)

How Hugh Hefner Hijacked Men’s Brains (The Gospel Coalition)