Does the Bible Say Anything About Sleep Habits?

Americans aren’t getting enough shuteye. That’s the conclusion of a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found that nearly nine million Americans take prescription sleeping pills and such prescriptions have tripled for people younger than 45. Of course, occasional sleepless nights are normal for nearly everyone and sometimes insomnia is caused by uncontrollable factors like physical pain or nightmares. But can a lack of sleep indicate a spiritual problem? Does the Bible say anything to guide us in our sleep patterns? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is yes to both questions.

SleepFirst, several passages in Scripture’s wisdom literature suggest that inability to sleep may reflect a lack of trust in the Lord. In Psalm 4:8, David is able to sleep amid life’s trials because of his confidence that the Lord alone made him “dwell in safety.” Similarly, Psalm 127:1-2 teaches that the Lord watches over His people. Therefore, we need not “eat the bread of anxious toil” or “in vain . . . rise up early and go late to rest,” thinking our security depends entirely on our frenzied labors. Indeed, God “gives to his beloved sleep.” It brings to mind the time Jesus slept in a boat during a storm on the Sea of Galilee. In contrast to His frazzled disciples, Jesus’ sleep was an expression of trust in His heavenly Father (Mark 4:35-41). Of course, there are times when sleeplessness is appropriate given the weightiness of our circumstances, and too much sleep may also reflect a lack of trust in the Lord, as when depressed or worried people sleep to avoid facing their troubles. But finding ourselves routinely unable to sleep due to worry indicates a need to trust God, and not to pop Ambien.

Scripture also says that too much sleep may reflect laziness. Consider Proverbs 6:9-11, which asks sarcastically, “How long will you lie there, O sluggard?” and warns that one who sleeps when he should be working will come to poverty. In contrast, the Proverbs 31 woman routinely rises early to work in her home (Proverbs 31:15). Just as failure to rest can indicate a lack of faith in God’s provision, refusal to work when we’re tired can indicate a lack of drive and work ethic.

Finally, the Bible teaches that there is a time to sacrifice sleep for a greater spiritual good. Jesus regularly rose early to pray and even prayed all night on occasion (Luke 6:12), recognizing that sometimes communion with God is more necessary for His children than physical rest. The night before Jesus’ crucifixion, for example, He told Peter, James, and John to pray that they would “not enter into temptation.” When they fell asleep instead, the Lord rebuked them and said there would be other times for sleep (Matthew 26:36-46). Their abandonment of Jesus during His arrest and trial was a result of their choice to sleep rather than seek God.

Where does all this leave us? For one, the Bible doesn’t say how much sleep we should get. Seven to nine hours may be a medical recommendation, but there’s no scriptural prescription for the number of hours we should spend in bed. Still, rest should characterize God’s people. (Not like the Chicago woman who routinely woke up at 1:30 a.m. because of worry over work demands and told NBC News that sleep eluded her because, she “was at wit’s end.” And not like the millions of Americans who throw off their bodies’ natural sleep rhythms by using their computers, smartphones, and tablets before going to bed.) Primarily, the Bible speaks of rest as a condition of the soul, characteristic of believers whether they are awake or asleep (see, for example, Matthew 11:29 and Hebrews 3:7-4:13). But Scripture also teaches that a soul resting in Christ normally shouldn’t find sleep elusive. At the same time, a resting soul should be disciplined to sacrifice sleep when necessary to earn a living or render service to God.

So next time worry keeps you awake or depression makes it hard to get out of bed, consider opening your Bible before you head to the medicine cabinet. There you’ll find the comforting voice of Jesus urging, “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me” (John 14:1).

David Roach

About David Roach

David Roach is chief national correspondent for Baptist Press in Nashville, Tennessee, and a contributor to both BibleMesh and Kairos Journal. He holds a philosophy degree from Vanderbilt University and earned his PhD in church history at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His writings have appeared in academic journals and various Southern Baptist denominational publications.
  • Lori

    I have a question about Jehovah’s witnesses beliefs. How are their beliefs different from Athiests beliefs?

    • cheezeweeze

      Although I am fairly unlearned in the JW faith I have read some of their literature and they do believe in a sovereign God. Atheists believe there is no God and this world we live in is one gigantic accident and or multiple simultaneous coincidences.

  • Mike Hirst

    This is excellent. I was reading about sleep studies and thought I’d like to know what the Bible says about the topic. All good points here.

  • sam

    Have you consired depression. Insomnia. Unable to sleep that effects your health. God wants us to take care of our bodies. Lack of sleep does not do that. By the way ambien does not work

    • Donna

      Repeating bible promises, and melatonin helps. God said it and I believe it.

  • sam

    Its easy for you to say. Has it happened to you

  • sam

    God wants us to be healthy not being able to sleep is not healthy. You have to have enough faith and belief for God to heal you from insomnia. Its easy to judge say pick up the bible and you will sleep. Have you had that experience.

  • Anonymous

    The best thing to do when you can’t sleep is pray. Sleepless nights are the perfect time for extra prayer. Praying just before going to bed helps a lot, too. It calms your soul and puts you safely in God’s hands.

  • Tori Ellise

    I’m so blessed to have found this artic
    ! Its full of such wisdom and poised for good study.

    I have SAD. An acronym for a rare sleep “disorder” called Seasonal Affective Disorder. Basically as the seasons change so does many key aspects of your behavior. Im not bipolar- although is can severely impact mood. Yet whenever winter starts rolling around (right now we are at the cusp of fall) in the northern hemisphere i CANNOT sleep during the times i use to.

    For instance during the summer:
    Slept 6-12 hrs fell asleep easy before mindnight. Woke easy around 6-11AM (not bad for a Youth during Summer)

    During the transitional stages into fall I’m already:
    CANNOT SLEEP until 5-6AM! That’s me in bed from 11pm-5am tossing and turning. Listening to therapeutic songs doesn’t help, nor does the relaxation techniques I’ve been taught.
    i thought for a while- about the first time sleep is mentioned in the bible- GENESIS! I was lead by the Lord to think of something i didn’t see mentioned in your lovely article above:
    The Lord said, in [GENESIS 2:18], “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper as his complement.”
    Next Adam is put to SLEEP. A deep sleep.
    I’m inclined to believe that being the first mention of sleeping in a situation where God is making changes to the body AND BRINGS NEW GIFTS has a huge part in sleep. Not to take anything away from our responsibility to the Lord to not be sluggards and not stress. I just wanted to point out the first thing SLEEP Is used for- a condition where The Lord physically alters us and then fashions what we need as compliments. I do believe the Lord put my heart in a good body to serve him. So if i fall asleep from 6am-12am that’s the time he uses for his purposes to bring glory to his n kingdom. Not by any other way would i rather it be.

    I hope this brings comfort to a lot of u who might be feeling dreadfully inadequate over ur sleep. We are definitively powerless don’t get me wrong. YET We serve a Loving God of abundant Grace! He doesn’t do things with no purpose. Once you see what the Lord has used you for- ultimately- to manifest his greatness! Im grateful. Its very difficult to be told NO. When you think your doing the right thing. (Like trying to wake up or go to bed when others do)
    but who are we but clay pots and cups?
    If u still feel lost. Pray.
    – Sleeping Beauties

    • Victor

      God blessed me

  • Erick Alcazar

    Hey I am curious can I ask you question?

  • marcia

    Thankyou, this answer so much for me, to know the more things that Jesus sacrificed was also sleep, who are we to moan about lack of sleep, we need to communicate more with our Lord Jesus Christ and want to be more like him, we know that his heart suffered from rejection of his people, he died of a broken heart, so sad, I love my Lord and savior “Yeshua” for dying for my sin’s – God bless